Tile Refinishing

Ceramic tile refinishing can be used on most any tile surface, but you should consider how the surface is going to be used and how much wear and tear it will receive. Ceramic tile during a shower or surrounding a tub which will be subject to moisture can definitely be refinished. Ceramic tile on kitchen countertops and toilet vanities also are excellent candidates for refinishing. Bathroom floors can be refinished but it is not advisable to refinish tile entryways where abrasive grit can damage the floors. Ceramic tile refinishing using J’s Restoration process involves a unique seven-step spray application to give you the most durable refinished surface possible…delivering a finish that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful. Our process is seamless, non-porous, heat resistant and scratch-resistant. In the unlikely event that the finish is broken, it can easily be repaired – unlike stone and man-made solid surfaces. Ceramic tile refinishing are often used on tile countertops, bathtub tile surrounds and tile walls saving you up to 50% over the value of replacement. The results, especially if you choose J’s Restoration stone finish, can be dramatic and is an affordable alternative to other services.

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